Spotlight on Susan Meachen - Chance Encounters

So this is my first Spotlight on an author and where possible when I do a review of a series I want to include a bit about the Author sometimes I will take this from Amazon if available other times I will contact the Author. 

So in this case I asked Susan to provide me with a bit of info about herself and her writing.

So over to Susan......

A tad about me and my Books then will get to the fun stuff. I have a huge addiction to Dr. Pepper, I’m a country girl at heart but I’ve lived in some really nice cities, but I finally came back home.

I use the word Fuck a hundred times a day it’s my favorite word in the English language. I’ve always loved to read but writing wasn’t anything I would ever dreamt of honestly, but once I started there was no desire to write sweet HEA because let’s be serious life isn’t sweet all the time. 

My books normally take on real life issues even the Heartbreaking moments in life. So, in other words my books aren’t for everyone. I have the best PA Connie Ortiz in the industry she’s my Doll Face and she keeps up with me and all my crazy it’s a job a half.

Checkout my review of Susan’s books below : 

Chance Encounter (Chance Encounters Book Series 1)

Chance Encounter (Chance Encounters Book Series 1) by [Meachen, Susan]
What happens when all your plans for the future get derailed in just one night, starting with a chance encounter?

Emily has always worked hard to stay on the honor roll in school and working to get a full ride to college, but Emily has one dark secret that only her best friend, Ginger Gold, knows about. She has a crush on the biggest playboy in Davonport, Georgia, Blake Shaw.

When Emily and Blake cross paths the chemistry and passion is undeniable. Waiting to find your soul mate is a test in patience and these two are just about out of patience.

Blake has watched Emily for years and he is determined to make her his for the rest of this life and the next.

Can these two find happiness and peace together or will their past mistakes destroy their new found love?

Letting Go (Chance Encounter Book 2)

Letting Go (Chance Encounter Book 2) by [Meachen, Susan]
Letting the love of my life go is my greatest regret in this world. Now that I have her sole attention for two full weeks, I’m determined to be her friend but also show her a world she has never seen or felt before. 

No one knows who hurt me so badly that dating became a thing of the past. Not even the woman that broke my heart knows she did it. Watching her life unfold as her friend for years has at least kept us connected on some level. Now I’m ready to take the chance I gave away. 

Before we land back in the states I plan to be well on my way to us being Mr. and Mrs. Miguel Parks. If she will do me the honor. Even tho she has stated multiple times some woman was crazy to let me go. Will she feel that way when she finds out she was the one I let slip away?

These books can be read as standalones but they are connected. Susan writes well thought out characters and stories that are real and keep you invested from beginning to end.  

After reading both books I felt like I'd been to theme park where all the rides were rollercoasters and I rode them all! At times I laughed, had a tear in my eye, got angry and thought WTF kick their butts already!  I cannot wait to read more of Susan's work and would highly recommend these #TeamMiguel


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