Dom's Ascension (Mariani Crime Family Book 1) by Harley Stone

Steamy mafia romance, 18+ for language and sexual situations...

The Mariani family has one shot to take over the Las Vegas crime syndicate, and it begins with an elaborate dinner designed to impress their allies. When their head chef disappears, Dominico Mariani is tasked with guarding the new hire, a striking spitfire with a tendency to speak her mind.

Annetta Porro is thrilled to land her dream job at a five-star Italian restaurant, even if her new boss seems overly concerned about her safety. With a chivalrous, handsome bodyguard by her side, she may keep her life only to lose her heart.

His decision could destroy an alliance, but her sacrifice will shape the future of a city.

Full-length novel, no cliff-hangers, no cheating, happily ever after ending.

I was surprised when I realised this book was going to be set in 1992, and back then I was around the same age as Annetta. 

Annetta wants to prove her skills in the Kitchen and Dom just want to get to know the new chef, his dad has told him to look after. Annetta is little naive, but soon gets with the program.

This was an enjoyable read, I liked the plot it was fast paced, moved nicely and was entertaining, the time setting was a great idea.


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