Yuri (Bratva Blood Brothers Book 1) by K.J. Dahlen

Yuri (Bratva Blood Brothers Book 1) by [Dahlen, K.J.]


He knew he wasn’t looking for anything pure or righteous.
He’d never known tenderness, nor did he want to know. It didn’t fit with being Bratva.
But when he met her, this tiny bundle of woman he almost wished he were different.
There was something about her that appealed to something deep inside him.
Something he never realized was even there.
She had reached down deep into his soul and taken a piece of himself he didn’t know was even there.
For her, he almost wished he was different.
Because now that he had tasted her he wouldn’t let her go.

She knew who he was and what he was but she never expected to be drawn to him,
She had nothing to offer a man like him.
He was one man she never should have met, let alone been allowed to taste.
He was everything she’d ever dreamed of and so much more.
She knew she should have walked away from him for her own sake.
But if she did she’d be nothing more than a shattered soul

Note: All books in the Bratva Blood Brother series are standalone, full length super sexy, raw mobster romance novels. They can be read in any order and do NOT contain cliffhangers. It includes lots of steamy scenes, slang, cursing, some violence, dark themes and elements about a fictional Russian mafia. HEA guaranteed. For a limited time, bonus content included


This book grabbed me when I saw the cover and I wasn't disappointed, it introduced me to K.J. Dahlen’s world of the Bratva and I’m hooked on the series. 

The book starts with the prequel Blood Brothers which gives you the back story and for me is a must read.

Yuri - had everything i like, a sexy alpha with a protective streak a mile wide, plus brothers, and a woman who wasn't going to put up with their he man drama :)  

Not only do you get 1 book but the bonus books got me hooked on all the MC series as well.

All the books are standalones with HEAs but I read all the books K.J. Dahlen had to offer in 5 days so if you like MC / Mafia style romance be warned you may want to not make plans for a weekend.

The editing has been pointed out by others, but you know what I've seen worse. Also my grammar isn't great so I focus on the story and I loved it!



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