Whiskey: Ruthless Bastards (RBMC Book 1) by Chelsea Handcock

Whiskey: Ruthless Bastards (RBMC Book 1) by [Handcock, Chelsea]

She is his biggest regret and the only person he ever came close to breaking all the rules to have. He broke her, and it has taken ten years to forgive him; the problem is, will she ever be able to forget him?

Aiden "Whiskey" Frost decided to leave Defiance Kentucky ten years ago with a Screw You that would make a lasting impression. Unfortunately, that wasn't the only thing he left behind. The actions he put into motion cost him more than he knew. Regret; he has lived with it so long. Now the question is, can he change it into something else? Or will the only woman he has ever loved run the other way when he no longer has her under his control.

Addison Sinclair has loved only one man her entire life, Aiden "Whiskey" Frost. She knew him as a boy, and then as the young man who broke her into a million little pieces before leaving town without looking back. Addy is in trouble and needs help. The Ruthless Bastards MC can provide that to her, but Whiskey is a part of them, their family, she is nothing, just a blip from his past. Even if it kills her, there comes a time when surviving means more than your pride. Addy will do what she has to do to protect and save the people she cares about, even if she has to forgive and forget.

Will he help her or will he turn her away? The bigger question, can she forgive him for the past and finally move forward or will he finally destroy what little of herself she has found at last?

***WARNING: contains explicit sexual situations, violence, disturbingly sensitive and taboo subjects, offensive language, and very mature topics. Recommended for age 18 years and up***

Photo: RLS Images Photography
Cover Model: Niko Nomas
Editing: Personal Touch Editing - Sandy Ebe


I have to say I read Whiskey and got hooked on the series, I seem to have a thing for well written  bad boys / MC romances, ever since I was asked to review my first one. 

I loved Whiskey but it took me a while to warm up to Addison (not sure why). This book was a really good introduction to the series but can be read as a stand-alone. It had  a smoking hot romance, suspense, a second chance and alpha bikers who do good

The rest of books in this series do not disappoint either  and this is a series I will continue reading

This is quite a dark series, so please heed the warning before picking this book.  



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