Firebird by Alice La Roux

Being a King isn't easy.

When a rebel group threatens the family business, Golden Apple Incorporated, Seraphina King must step up to the plate. Her father keeps her on a tight leash, a prized possession locked away in a gilded cage. In desperation he grants her the freedom to find those who want to harm them, but nothing is as it seems. 

People are going missing, women are turning up dead and then there’s her renegade stalker. The maverick with the emerald green eyes who always seems to be in the middle of things. Sera doesn’t know who to trust or what to believe.

What happens when the golden apple is rotten?

Warning: This novella (35k) contains adult content and is only suitable for readers 18+

I loved, loved, loved this book! I started this book on the treadmill at the gym and didn’t want to get off when it was time to go home and shower :) 

This book had a brilliant story and had just the right amount of family drama / suspense.

Sera is the the protected daughter, locked away, until needed by the family, but they don’t want her to know what they are up to. 

Sera, isn’t just a pretty face and has skills daddy doesn’t know about and she’s not going to toe the line #teamsera

This is a must read.


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