Free to Play (The Freedom Series Book1) by Bella d’Amour

He’s a player and she's ready to play... but what happens when the fun gets serious?

“Brent, will you be my first?”

Josephina (Joey) is mortified to face Brent the next morning after letting the question slip in a weak moment. She’s shocked when Brent not only agrees but proposes a friends with benefits arrangement. How can she accept when it threatens what’s most important to her: her friendship with his sister, her new job with his football team, her self-respect when an ex-girlfriend is suddenly back in the picture – and her heart?

After years of working hard to fulfill his responsibilities, Brent is finally enjoying his life – with women who want nothing more than a good time. But when Joey asks him to be her first lover, he can't resist finally getting his hands on her luscious body, one he'd been lusting after for years. Only problem is, once isn't enough. He's not ready to give up his hard-earned freedom nor is he ready for a woman to invade his life – or his heart. When demons from his past come back to haunt him, will he let them ruin what he’s found with Joey?

Joey wants to get rid of her virginity and and asks Brent after one drink too many. Brent doesn't want a relationship but wants to be the one, so they make a deal but he keep re-negotiating the deal to keep her around.

I loved Joey from the start, Brent I often wanted to smack round the head and say what is wrong with you? They were characters we can all relate to, body issues, have history together and lots and lots of hangs up. 
If you like an NFL romance, Billionaire romance or friends to lover romance  this is for you :)  I can't wait to read book 2.


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