Wanted By The Werewolf Prince: a paranormal space adventure fantasy romance by Kara Lockharte

The toughest pilot in the universe...and the werewolf prince who will claim her.

She's bold, fearless and disobedient--which always gets her in trouble.
He's controlling, demanding, and superior--which always gets him what he wants. 

Captain Skye Daring is a space fighter pilot without equal. Rescuing a foreign werewolf prince and his sister from behind enemy lines should be a breeze.

Prince Ral doesn’t take orders from impudent humans. He’s determined to save not only his sister and his people they left behind. The only thing in his way is a sexy pilot too stubborn to acknowledge his authority.

Stuck in a crippled ship and hunted by tiger shifters, Skye and Ral must stop fighting each other and battle the enemy -- together. Will the prince and pilot drop their guards long enough to conquer their dislike…and desire? 

If you like a hot alpha romances with smoking hot sex scenes, this is for you! 

Yes it has shifters and it is set in space so it a Sci-Fi romance as well, but don’t let that put you off if Sci-Fi isn’t your thing, as it isn’t filled with loads of technobabble and backstory.

The story is well written and and kept pace very well, and I think it is really good Romance.



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