Compass by Mary B Moore

Four years ago, Hunter Black went on active duty with the Marines. What he did for his country changed him. Seeing his buddies, men he'd fought alongside setting up their lives and settling down, he took a risk and returned home.

Piper Hill struggled to continue when Hunter had cut her out of his life with no explanation. Every time she sent him letters to tell him, they were returned to sender. Raising her son Sam alone, Piper moved on with her life, loving being a mother, but missing the other half of her. 

War changes a man. His dreams, his reality, his existence. A majority of our military come home scarred inside and struggle to return to the civilian world. Learning from their friends in Piersville, Hunter and his friends establish an MC - Valiant. Using their training and military contacts, they assist the government with tackling the ongoing issues of human, drug and arms trafficking along North and South America. Those responsible are like the mythical Hydra; cut off one head and two replace it. War comes with a price – loss of life, PTSD, a changed body, a changed mind. Is valor enough to help them fight this battle?

When I was younger I would have gone straight passed this book because of the cover - men with beards,  moustaches or both were a big noooo.

But now I’m wondering what other good books I missed out on because I hated the covers produced by the likes of Mills &Boon and Silhouette.

Anyway.... back to my review.

I really enjoyed this book , it didn’t focus too much on the Piper and Hunter’s past which I liked. Some books do that and I’m glad this one didn’t as I think it would have slowed down the pace. I'm no expert but I thought it handled the subject of PTSD well in the relationship and loved that Piper was written as a strong character. 

The story focused on the present, had a lot of action / suspense and set the scene for what looks to be a great series.


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