Guarding Her Heart by Laura Haley-McNeil (Crystal Creek Book 1)

Artist Victoria Whitlock escapes the clutches of a stalker only to stumble into the arms of the man she never wants to see again, bad boy prosecutor Garrett Reynolds. To protect Victoria, Garrett whisks her away to an isolated lodge. Major problem for Victoria—how does she help Garrett capture the stalker while guarding her heart against the man who broke it once before?

Garret thought his heart had healed when Victoria left him ten years ago. Garrett’s bigger problem—capture the stalker determined to imprison Victoria. Keeping Victoria safe is no easy task for Garrett, but getting her to trust him is an entirely different challenge. He puts his life on the line to guard the woman who is more deserving of love than any woman he’s known.

But love takes a back seat to the Whitloch-Reynolds feud. At the center is the Crystal Creek Ranch. The Whitlochs own the ranch. The Reynolds are the rightful heirs.

I liked the story and loved the plot twist which makes a good suspense story for me. The thing I liked most about the story was it didn't focus on the romance angle heavily so if you are a reader that skips the sex scenes because you don't feel they add to the story but still want a Romance  then this book is for you. 

This book could be read as a standalone, but is the first part of a series which I plan on reading.


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