Dork to Dirty by Karen Raines

“Those of you in the Hot Steppers club will be glad you were here this evening I promise you that. They call him – the tech with the torso....”
A woman screamed in the back.
“.... They say he knows a million ways to pleasure you....”
Whoops and hollers started from a massive crowd of ladies in the front.
“.... oh you know where I'm going with this don’t you ladies?”
Yeses and shouts of joy were echoing around the club as ladies everywhere started chanting.
“That’s right ladies, hold onto your bras. For one night only and back by popular demand, we bring you.... From Dork to Dirty!”

I’m Jasmine Cooper. Executive Head of Marketing for a leading Advertising Agency. I work hard and I’m always completely in control of my universe. Until the devil herself persuaded me to go to ladies night...
Who would've thought a sensible level-headed woman would let a stripper take her home, ravish her body, and turn her into a gibbering wreck? Certainly not me!
A stripper, how cliché... and how embarrassing! Thank heavens nobody else knows how dirty and debased he made me. No one would suspect the unspeakable things I did with a man in a mask! And that's just fine, I can put it behind me as a moment of madness.

Until the tech geek from IT walked into my office and I completely lost all my composure. It couldn’t be him - could it?

This is a standalone short novel at 55,000 words
Warning - contains explicit language and adult scenes

This is a fun, laugh out loud story and I loved it.  Jasmine is a workaholic and spends a night having hot sex with a Stripper. However the her IT guy reminds her of the stripper and her quest begins to find out the Strippers identity without asking IT guy if it was him.

I loved Jaz and her friends, they reminded me of my days as a young singleton and a workaholic, when colleagues would like to try to fix me up, to the point I gave e them a list of what I was looking for in a man and was told I was being too picky!

If you want something fun and light then this is for you.


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