A Warriors Pledge (Highland Bodyguards, Book 3) by Emma Prince


Her Warrior…

To forge an alliance between the English and the Scots, Lady Rosamond must marry a Lowland stranger. But when a mysterious attacker threatens the engagement and her life, Robert the Bruce assigns one of his most trusted warriors to protect her. Finn Sutherland’s brooding gaze is almost as dark as his heart, yet Rosamond finds herself captivated by her Highland bodyguard. Now she must choose between responsibility and the searing need Finn ignites within her.

His Pledge…

Finn is honor-bound to swallow his hatred of the English and serve as bodyguard to Lady Rosamond. He never expects his charge to touch his scarred heart with her warmth and kindness. Worse, her honey hair and violet eyes bring him to his knees with lust. When the threat to Rosamond spirals out of control, Finn does the only thing he can think of to protect her—he stands in for her betrothed as a proxy husband. As desire clashes with duty, Finn’s pledge will be tested like never before.


This was my first look at the the world of Robert the Bruce and his Bodyguard Corp. Robert had arranged arranged a marriage between Lady Rosalind and one of his Laird's. Someone didn't want the marriage to go ahead and Robert put Finn in charge of dealing with the problem. 

If you like Highlanders, sword fights and historical Romances this is a must read in my eyes. 

It was a very good read, loved the way it was written and the fact that Finn wasn't an over the top hero. This can be read as a standalone in my opinion, but I think like me you are going to want to read more.



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