The Compass (The Divided Star Series Book 1) by Cindy Charity

Book Blurb

Feisty and defiant Ali Hayes, is determined to break free from her controlling parents. New York is the perfect place to assert her independence and prove once and for all, that she wasn't crazy. However, strange events begin to happen, threatening to open the door to the past that she swore she had nailed shut. And when a sexy, immortal warrior, claiming that she was needed to save the world, tries to abduct her off the street, Ali has to rethink the whole sanity thing.

As a warrior of Agrona, Finn O'Shea was tall and imposing, in battle, he knew no equal. He had come to Earth's realm in search of the one destined to save his world. When he finds her, he soon learns that he would need more than just his sword.....he needed magick. The very thing he had turned his back on.

Ali AKA Aliana to Agrona's warriors has a gift of being able to find things, but thinks she's crazy as she's heard voices that can oh be blocked out by drugs and years of psychiatric treatment.

When she hears Finn's voice she thinks she's losing it again , but doesn't realise she special and linked to Agrona's warriors. Finn tracks her down to keep her safe and help save the world.

I loved this book, the storyline is a great idea and I was hooked from the first page. This book has magic, demons, hot warriors and a heroine who has to roll with the punches and think on her feet. 

The book was a bargain at £2.40 from Amazon, as I know it's a keeper and I can't wait to read the rest of the series. 


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