Just Live by Shawn Ranae

When Kathryn James was a little girl she wished for true love in the fairy dust that resides in each ray of light. Now as an adult, she only finds pain and neglect from the ones who are supposed to love her. 

After she escapes a two year long torture, she proceeds cross country to start a new life. She attempts a life without fear, pain and possibly love. 

While upon her journey, Katey will meet people who teach her lessons on love, however Jaz Carter will teach her the most important lesson of all. 

Will she be brave enough to follow Jaz on his unorthodox path or will fear keep her from the things she wants most? Will Katey hide away from the world or will she learn to Just Live?

*Please be advised this book contains some scenes with graphic violence and adult situations.*

The title drew me to this book. 

This book will take you on an emotional rollercoaster of a journey with Katey, who is running for her life and from an abusive relationship. Not knowing what her future holds she runs and meets some interesting characters along the way.

This isn't a book I would usually buy but I was looking for something different and this was it. The situation is believable, as you read more, you are pulled into the story and you cannot help but keep reading. 



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