1-800 by Alexa Day

With Valentine's Day approaching, Jason has to find the perfect gift for his perfect fiancée, the beautiful, sexy Kate. But where will he find a present worthy of the love of his life? A bit of afternoon channel surfing, meant to stimulate his thoughts, leads to a home shopping network right out of his wildest fantasies. Before long, he's stimulated in all the right ways! But will he find the gift Kate's wanted all her life? Or will he be too distracted by the live product demonstrations?


The story is based on the events of one day, and was a great idea all I can say is Wow!!!!  For a short erotic story this was very well written and funny. Alexa certainly knows how to write a sex scene! 

I started reading this book yesterday as I sat in the garden, watching my husband paint the decking and I found myself laughing in places, which of course had my husband thinking I was laughing at him so I had to explain what I reading, I also didn't realise that my nice quiet neighbours next door were sitting in their garden sitting quietly and could have heard every word I said LOL.

Warning: contains graphic sex scenes with toys

The book is available for 99p on Amazon.



  1. Carrie! I'm so glad you ... and your husband ... and maybe your neighbors ... enjoyed my short story! It is great for sharing. :) Thanks for the kind words!


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