Witness Protection by Holly Copella

Jackie Remus is a helicopter pilot, who agrees to go on a date with a client. Being in the wrong place at the wrong time she witnesses two murders.

The FBI insist she goes into protective custody, but she ends up running for her life.

I started this book on the treadmill at the gym, thanks to Holly I helped lose more weight this week as I didn't want to stop reading so carried on walking. This book was right up my street there was action, murder, mayhem, blowing stuff up and a budding romance.

I laughed in places because that's the sort of sense of humour I have, which wasn't something I was expecting to do considering it was described as romantic thriller. I loved the characters and the story line.

This is book 1 in a series and can be read as a standalone. If you have kindle unlimited it's free but you can buy it via kindle for 99p in the UK which is a bargain. 



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