Her Silver Fox by Koko Brown

Book Blurb
Shoshana Haufman’s life is complicated enough without adding a man to the mix. Her employees depend on her for their livelihood and her father, with his diminishing health, is sending her to an early grave, or a bed at Bellevue Hospital. All of that changes when her newest client, Patrick Kelly, waltzes into her showroom looking to purchase a bespoke suit. Tall, prematurely gray, and handsome poured into a three-piece suit, Patrick pushes all of Shoshana’s buttons. Lust as first sight is the order of the day, the chemistry is undeniable. And despite her initial reservations, Shoshana breaks her cardinal rule: never have sex with a client. 

Never allow anyone to get the best of you….

Not willing to be just a client with benefits, Patrick sets out to crack this five-foot anomaly in four-inch heels. It’s either all or nothing. And he doesn’t lose. After all, everything he has he’s worked damn hard for. So what could be so difficult about a mere woman who barely reaches his chest? 

That ‘mere woman’ begins to resemble a concrete wall. 

Patrick doesn't get the promotion he was expecting, and starts to reassess things in his life. Shoshana has the weight of the family business and her father's health on her shoulders.

When I saw the cover I had to buy the book and I wasn't disappointed. I found Koko's book to be a refreshing and for me that made it a really good read. I found myself enjoying it more as I got to know all the characters, not just Shoshana and Patrick. 

Shoshana and Patrick had both been around the block and have busy lives, they knew what they wanted and needed, but it had to fit around their responsibilities. For me, while I was reading this book I felt invested in these characters. This is what I would call a real world romance and something mature readers could relate to even in a small way, I know I did which is why I'm sure you will too.



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