HEAT by Holly S. Roberts

Madison Kinley (known as Mak) is a retired Police Officer and is now working as Private Investigator. Catch Moon is head of a crime organisation, someone she learnt about at the Academy and does not want to get involved with.
The story is told by Mak, who has a strong moral compass and sees everything in black and white. She has to take off those rose coloured glasses when she becomes a target of the so called good guys and has to turn to Moon for help.

If you love a book with emotional turmoil, strong characters and lots of action (not just between the sheets) then this book is for you.

I loved the story, criminals as the leads in romances are not really my thing, but Holly knows how to craft a believable story with characters you end up thinking he's not so bad, he has a code!

This is book 1 in the Hotter than Hell series, and can also be read as a standalone. It is also currently available for free on Amazon in their kindle section. I have to say I will be reading the rest of the series.



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